Sunday, February 19, 2012

You know that moment during a workout

Where you're sweating
where you realize what muscles you don't use enough
where you're ready to take a break because you can hardly breathe
where you feel so tired, but you like this song so you keep going?
Yeah, I've had that happen all morning.
I used to be able to move for nine minutes (three songs) straight in this strange kind of dance minicking moves I've seen people do that looked sexy when they did it and probably make me just look like a twitchy squirrel.
Muscles I don't use in weight lifting and even ones that I do that aren't used to this kind of movement are screaming for a break.
So that's why I'm typing this. To give them a break.
I popped my back while dancing.
Only it didn't hurt like I had done any damage to it, so I ignored it.
It just felt like it needed to pop.
As I said in my other blog, I want to be sweaty and gross.
Well, I got that while dancing. YAY!
I'm back off to looking like a twitchy squirrel.
Wish me luck!


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