Monday, September 5, 2011

Hungry. Alll The Time.

I've noticed that I feel full after a while of not eating, but RIGHT AFTER eating, even, I feel hungry. It's so weird. I also can't tell when I'm full.
Breakfast is 140 calories. I mean yogurt with honey. No fat, though.
Compared to how I eat everything else (in a -let's-get-this-over-with fashion), this is taking me forever to eat.
Lately, I've been gaining weight. I can feel it. I was 138 in clothing, with boots on when I went to the doctor. Since then, I've been scared to weigh myself. But I'm thinking I should've fasted instead of eating the yogurt.
Maybe...I'll just start fasting after I eat the yogurt, no food for the rest of the day. I always plan fasts and then fail at them. I hate that.
Mom called me out on not eating a lot last night. I said, in the middle of a huge binge, probably, "I'm so hungry for no reason!" Her reply didn't concern my diet at all. "That's good, it's been a while since you were good and hungry." I'm hungry all the time, which I guess I hide well.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same! I wont eat all day and wont feel hungry. I'll get home and start eating dinner and begin to realise how hungry I really am and eat a lot more than I need to.. Then I feel sick.. Haha

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