Saturday, September 10, 2011

TODAY. It HAS to start today.

I'm so fat that I've put it off for DAYS.
Not today. We're dress shopping tonight.
Homecoming is soon. Two weeks from today.
Today, I have to start my fasting.
School, home, out and about, whatever the challenge, I have to be stronger than that.
My period makes me gain weight, but one day, one day, I swear, when I get my period, I won't spring to 140, I'll go to one thirty, maybe one twenty-five.
I'm so tired of eating.

Kes: Good luck to you too! ^^


Sam Lupin said...

I was really craving just simple taste today but didn't want to eat either! Good luck with fasting! I'm at 72 hours right now! <3 I'll do another 24 hours tomorrow and then break my fast on Monday.

<3 <3
You can do this, Alex! <3

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