Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ate like a blob today

But it's cool because I'm not eating tomorrow...or the next day... or, well for a while. FUCK FOOD.
Sorry, I had a rough day, even though it should've been easy.
I'm just...done eating for a while.
Quote from my therapist "Remember it's important to eat THREE meals a day."
My mom says that America is the only culture that does that.
She says there are some that eat five small meals a day, some that eat one BIG meal a day and snack when they're hungry, but America's the only one with three meals a day.
Mom's a nurse.
My therapist doesn't know a thing about food.
I feel like I know a lot about food. Just because...I have to. I mean, I put it into my body on a daily basis. I should know about it. Though most people don't care. They just fill their face.
Forgetting how food tastes. Forgetting I need it.
Starting tomorrow, I'm not eating for a while. I'll drink all the water in the house and then some if I have to.


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