Monday, August 1, 2011

This week, I'm staying under 600.

So far today:
Tea: 0
Sweetener: 0
Biscuit thing: 110
Small piece of left over: 50
That leaves about 440 for supper. Or 220 for supper, and 220 for a snack or you know, however it works out.
Why 600?
I don't really know. Maybe I just want to start out high, work my way lower.
One day, I wanna be that chick. The one who shoots for below 300. Or the one who fasts for days.
Anyway, I am actually thinking about fasting for 24 hours now. Go figure. I wanna see if I can go until the 12 without eating. I know I can't. There are weekends where my mom will be home and watchful of what I eat.
Oh! Speaking of Mom and eating, she pointed out that I had been eating all day and not "just when I (my mom) suggest it and make it." I guess that makes yesterday a bad day. Today will be better.


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