Saturday, August 6, 2011

Diet Plan!~

So, I just texted Miss Rachael saying I would be dieting hardcore with her. Weigh ins are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Every single one. Now, it's time to think up my rules for my diet that will be starting Sunday.
Sundays and Saturdays have to be higher. Mom will be watching closer.
Day 1: 500
Day 2: 300
Day 3: 250
Day 4: 150
Day 5: Fast
Day 6: 300
Day 7: 600
Day 1: 700
Day 2: fast
Day 3: fast
Day 4: 250
Day 5: 300
Day 6: 190
Day 7: 600
thirty minutes minimum on the Wii-fit or other exercise except on fasts.
Day three's fast may change to a 200 calorie day depending on how closely my parentals are watching.
Americaneagle: I haven't read Wasted yet, but I've been told that it's a very good book. If we aren't talking foodwise, I had a wonderful day. ^^
P.S. In a long time, I have not felt more excited. Awesome.


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