Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everyone is just jealous...or they will be.

Sorry, I just realized that I made it sound like my mom thinks I'm fat.
See, my mom is fifty and knows that she's around 170 pounds.
The Wiifit said that she was about 158ish.
That's why she said it was a little light.
Alright, on to the real reason for this post (not my mom).
Tomorrow, I start a two day fast.
For this period, I will drink coffee, tea, vitamin water zero, water, and diet sodas.
I will try to run about 30 minutes both days (try, doubt it will happen, though).
I will go to weightlifting and give it my all.
I will try to burn over 300 calories each day.
Yes, I am going to push myself.
You know what I've missed?
That light headed feeling when I stood.
When my vision went black.
Being 128 pounds.
Knowing I could easily be less.
That's what I miss.
I know, I should be better.
My situation got better.
Why didn't I?
Whatever, food.
Today was bad, bad, bad.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Tomorrow and the next day will be 110% better.
Time to exercise.
Because at some point exercise became troublesome and I need to make it untroublesome.
I need to do aerobics before school, before lifting weights. I need to get that blood flowing.

Sorry I made my mom seem like a bad person. I hope the beginning of this post makes you like her more. That was just breakfast. I think my day got a lot worse when we went to the book store with my dad. I had a side salad with some dressing and six mozzarella sticks with sauce and some of J.P.'s soda and then a mocha Starbucks double shot (it was 200 by itself). And thank you for believing in me! It makes it so much easier to believe in myself if even one person believes in me.


❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

ohhh! i want to weigh myself. let's hope it tells me i'm somewhere in the 140's. xD.
i know what you mean. us girls, we ballooned, we fought, we're getting down and we will get down. both of us. :) i didn't gain much. i gained back to 160-ish, got down to 153,1lbs as of today morning. so. we can easily do this. and i know what you mean about missing it all. i miss purging a lot.
oh. i got what you meant. :) gotcha. <3
babe. you went out. when i go out, i usually tip my limit by...too much.
i totally believe in you, darling. i remember your posts where you used to have nibbles of junk food, like chocolate and stuff and still stay under limit and i know the pretzel posts. same girl. :) it just takes some time to get back into habit. you lost that weight, so you can lose it again ;)
-Sam Lupin

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