Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sometimes, I need a reminder of why I do it.

Reminder: I gain weight if I eat.
Reminder: If I eat, I eat too much.
So I need not to eat.
To lose weight, to not be the one eating all the time.
Weight is back up to 151.8.
I was so close to being below 150. I could taste it.
Now I'm back in the "overweight" range.
I ate like a starving pig.
Now, I need to starve artist.

Sam Lupin-
I can eat almost amount of calories and still feel tired if I do the right things. I lose weight really quickly when I don't eat. Because I do a lot of ab and aerobics to keep my metabolism up even if I only fast for a little while. I haven't started cutting as much as I did. I used to have loads of cuts all over my body. Now, I just have a feel on my legs. One on my left leg, the other leg have about four. I don't like the thought of purging. No offense, but I like being able to say that I did all of this without puking up dinner. We have chocolate cereal and it's still so easy to over eat on it. It's made of six different whole grains on the outside, real chocolate on the inside. Three fourths of a cup is 160 calories. I told myself that I was only going to eat a little. Then I ate about three bowls of it. Today. Talk about over eating it.

Alright!~ I'm gonna drink a Diet Mountain Dew! And eat part of a bagel...with cream cheese. Yes, I'm over indulging because of my fast tomorrow. Sue me!


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