Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yesterday DID NOT go as planned.

(picture is of a guy. He's Bou, ex-guitarist from Antic Cafe.)
I...kinda really badly messed up. I think it was my first real binge. It was pretty bad. I was eating for the sake of eating. I had two slices of pizza, two poptarts, some Cheese Nips, and finally a granola bar.
I'm giving up on ABC, at least for now. I may try again later, when I'm back on my game, but with all of these mistakes so early into it, I'm pretty bummed.
Right now, we have Greek yogurt. It's really...fluffy. We got the vanilla kinda because Mom doesn't ever us yogurt in her cooking and the plain kind tastes like sour cream. For a cup of this vanilla kind it's 190 calories. We have a small container left over from when we were "trying" them and it's 127 (actually, 126 point six repeating). So totally my breakfast/really early morning snack. I dun know why I'm even up this early. It's a total epic fail.


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