Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ate 210, burned 28.27 so far! SO FAR! I'm planning of doing more, of course. Wouldn't it be cool if I got down to a net of zero?
So, on most sites I go to for diet-planning say not to take money with you. Well, I say find out how a coffee, plain, is from a place near where you're going. Exact change, down to tax. That way you can caffeinate yourself, but not be tempted for much else. That's what I do, at least, when I'm out with friends. A small coffee from McDonald's, last time I got one, was 96 cents.
I have nine followers and none of you say anything. It's quite lonely. Then again, I don't give much for you to say anything about.
Oh! Alex is thinking of doing a 24680 diet. Meaning two hundred, four hundred, six hundred, eight hundred, ZERO! I'll start tomorrow! We get out for summer tomorrow, so it's PERFECT.

Americaneagle, sorry I didn't see your comment earlier! Anyway, I'm always really hard on myself when I have junk foods. They're generally the one thing that trips me up.


americaneagle said...

Congrats on your intake! You're probably going to have a negative net today since you're planning on doing more exercise! :) That's a really smart idea, if I go to Starbucks sometime, I'll remember it. I haven't had a coffee in months sadly. There's a store in the mall that sells tank tops for only $2.50, so I always remind myself that I could have a tank top instead of food, when I get cravings at the food court. Good luck on the 24680!! I'm so jealous of you getting out of school tomorrow, I'm out in a few weeks!

||ANONYMOUS|| said...

Hey honey,
I don't have too much to say but I just wanted to leave a little comment so things are less lonely and to let you know someone reads!
I'm finishing uni right now so it's all exams exams exams revision revision for me, so I don't get much time to leave meaningful comments!

Maybe we can do 24680 together? I might just do 246 though?
Good luck though hun!

NeoHippie said...

Hiya girlie. I'm bad for not commenting as much as I should, but you should know that I really enjoy your blog posts! They make my days less lonely.

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