Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I posted all happy to have eaten so little...and then my mom got home and I felt "safe" so I ate.
Scale says 134.
Tried talking to one of my friends about this because sometimes I hate it. She doesn't understand. She's larger and happy. She's the person who makes the jokes, I'm the brat who lives them.
Purging came to mind while I was in the shower. Didn't do it because I'm sure everything's digested. This is starting to scare me because I can imagine purging.
But I've come so far...

Thank you all for the nice comments... I just wish I deserved them. Tomorrow I will! I'll be strong ALL day. ||ANONYMOUS||, americaneagle, and NeoHippie I will be worthy of comments about a good intake tomorrow!
Americaneagle, what store is that?! I want a cheap tank top!
Anonymous, this is how I feel about any diet: if you wanna, go for it. It's alright if you don't have time to. I just get a little lonely.
NeoHippie, Aw, I'm glad I make you less lonely! That's why I'm here!


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