Monday, May 2, 2011

I Dun Wanna Talk About It

I don't even wanna guess how many calories I've eaten...
I've had 1/2 of a cookie, 4 slices of an apple (cut into even slices), green tea (good!), a doughnut (badd), and a sandwich with a single slice of bread (about 110) and 2 slices of cheese and, to make it worse, ranch dressing.
I've only burned off 52 calories, but the day's not over!!
Alright, time for a small dinner.

Quotes today to make up for my bad eating:

"You don’t realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment."

“I Eat to Live, not Live to Eat”

"Pain is only temporary, pride is forever"

P.S. This picture is so lovely. I love seeing cute coupless.


americaneaglelove said...

Cute couples make me sad even though they are gorgeous! Don't stress, I'm sure you didn't go over 700! Love the quotes, I wonder how quotes get started.

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