Saturday, May 21, 2011

Get up and Dance

I use most of my calories dancing. Just realized this. Maybe that's why my legs are more toned than my tummy.

Water- zero.

Coffee- 0-2
Water- 0

Same as lunch

This is only a plan right now. Let's hope I can stick with it.

DANCING~ for AT LEAST 10 minutes
Working stummy for at least 4 minutes
Jumping jacks for 1 minute
And WiiFit for 20 minutes
Without the wiifit, this should burn 106. The wiifit will probably be another hundred, at least.

Sounds fun. Alright, I'm off to make my dance playlist! That way I won't have any drab, boring songs that I try dancing to.

Everything strike-out is my failures. I did six minutes dancing, worked my stummy for two minutes, didn't touch the wiifit, had 3 slices of cheese, a ninety calorie yogurt, 290 calories worth of cake, and 4 frozen cherries. About 673 taken in and only about sixty-eight burned. FAIL. Bad, bad, bad.


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