Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Staying Under

No breakfast.
Apple Chip things- 100

1/2 of a Pay Day bar: 120
A Twinkie- 150
3 mint things- 60

A serving of veggie soup: 80
Some rice- 100 (very small amount, but it was creamy and flavored)

Total- 610

I still need to exercise today. I've been really cold, so I don't want to do anything, but that's only an excuse. I shouldn't make those.

EDIT (after 10:04 PMish):
Did a little exercising. Only burned about 60 calories.
So, that's a net of 550. Poo.
Maybe more later?? :D


americaneaglelove said...

Congrats on your intake! I've never had a Twinkie, I'm curious about their taste, since I hear them mentioned so often. Exercising will warm you up if you're cold. :)

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