Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweets Attacked

Sour Gummy Bears- 88
Ding Dong- 368
Cupcake- 231
Hot Chocolate- 25

Veggie Pizza- 350
Fruit and Yogurt from McDonald's (with Granola)- 160
Flavor water- 15
Peanut butter- 48
Waffle- 100
Total- 1385

7 cardio
+5 working legs
+3 working abs
+3 working arms
+5 yoga
+ 7 running
+ 1 dancing
+ 7.5 running
+2 yoga
+ 3.5 dancing
+2 yoga
Total= 43 minutes
Calories burned= 289
Total calories= 1385-289= 1096

Now that we see that sweets are a problem, Alexx, you will stay away from them, right? Of course not. You're weak. Go exercise some more so your net will be below 1000. And remember, you have a SET limit. Go over it and the consequences will be horrid.

Edit 9:29-9:36:
I'm down to 139!! I'm utterly amazed! Now, though, I'm soo tired. No moree exercise! Or I may just pass out. I feel like a failure, though. Tomorrow, I will be good and not go over my limit. AND I WILL EXERCISE AND BE AMAZING!


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