Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, I'm fasting today. Or I'm supposed to. I mean, there's gonna be CAKE there tomorrow. I told my crush/best friend I would eat some of the cake. They're also grilling, but being polite and grilling veggies and, if they can, tofu. Can you grill tofu? I don't know if you can or not.
Why do my friend's parents have to think about me? This means I'll feel like I have to eat because they made it just for me.
Sammy: I'd never be able to just assume when I've gone over. If I really want to know the calorie count of it, I sit down and think about everything I've eaten and then I look up the calorie amount or use the amount I know.Thanks, I hope I do well at her party too. :/ Also hope I got her something she wants.


kes said...

Good luck on your fast. I hope tomorrow isn't too bad food wise. I hate when people make food specifically so I will eat it.

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