Tuesday, July 19, 2011


That's my calories so far.
But I haven't gone out to my grandma's yet, so unless we go around six or seven in the evening, it's gonna be worse. A lot worse.
Weight this morning with my P.J.'s on was 135. I'm subtracting a pound because of clothing, bracelets, earrings, ect... So, we're going with 134.
My legs look thinner. Not since yesterday, but since I REALLY looked at them. I took a picture of them just to see if it was true.It is. They're not super thin, but they're thinner. Which is a start. Remember, you're working to look not like this.By the way, I did not wear those boots around today. Really think they're cute, but they look pretty winter-ish.

Lottie X: I actually had a wonderful day yesterday, just not...foodwise.

Kes: The markings on our scale are sooo tiny, so I can't really tell what it says without bending down, but then they change because I'm putting more pressure on it. See I'm usually the one getting other people's clothes. And I hate it. Haha

Edit: Ugh! Right after posting I go and eat 350 calories.


Anonymous said...

Dont beat yourself up about the edit- your intake is still good! And I have EXACTLY the same problem with scales. Its so annoying.

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