Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fat, Fat, FAT

Reese's Pieces, about 3 servings(150*3=450), cheese(60), and and...there's more, I know there is! I just... can't think of any. So...there's probably not. That's under six hundred calories. That's...not so bad. I got a diet soda, so it doesn't count. It's diet Dr. Pepper. Zero calories.
Tomorrow, I have to fast. I said I would before Anna's birthday party and tomorrow is the last day. So I HAVE to. Absolutely.
My intake wasn't that good at the end of the day, though. It was about 1500. :/ Which sucks.


Sammy said...

1,500 is better than 2,000.
And since you are going to fast, those calories would not matter. At least you bothered to have calculated the amount of calories taken in. I simply assume I've eaten 6,000 when I overeat, even though that is nearly a death sentence of an intake.
Good luck! I wish you great luck at Anna's birthday party.
<3 Much love, Sam.

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