Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I don't eat half of the day

I have one meal.
I only have a few snacks.
Today, I think I almost fainted.
No one except my little brother and older brother would have known.
It wouldn't have mattered.
Today, I was so hungry, I went back to bed to forget the pain.
Today... A lot happened.
I haven't been fasting.
I was just running on absolutely nothing.
Not even water.
Now, I'm pretty sure I'm a prisoner to this.
I don't know if I like that or not.
Lottie X: Thank you. ^^ I hope it gets better soon too. I hate being in pain for too long.


americaneagle said...

Awwh I really hope that you are okay! Fainting is definitely not fun, I hope you maybe eat a little something so that you won't pass out. Please drink some water at least. I'd be very worried if something happened to you. Stay safe and stay beautiful, you have my support.

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